gallery6June 29– July 3 2015


on dynamical

systems and

continuum theory

University of Vienna, Austria




Aims and Scope:

Continuum theory has seen a surge in activity in the last five years, especially in connection to applications in dynamical systems. To understand “strange attractors” on a topological level is an important open problem on the interface of both fields, and the theory of pseudo-circles, pseudo-arcs and inverse limit spaces provide further new developments of common interest. The workshop aims at bringing together mathematicians from Central Europe and experts from further abroad (US, Brazil), to exchange techniques and set out future directions.







Jan Boroński, IT4 Innovations, Ostrava

Henk Bruin, Universität Wien

Sonja  Štimac, University of Zagreb & IUPUI, Indianapolis








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Families of homeomorphisms with inverse limit attractors  and their applications

Philip Boyland, University of Florida

Toby Hall, University of Liverpool


Continua in surface dynamics,

Tobias  Jäger, Technische Universität Dresden


Current techniques in inverse limit spaces

Chris Mouron, Rhodes College


Invited Speakers:

Marcy Barge, Montana State University

André de Carvalho, University of São Paulo

Chris Good,  University of Birmingham

Judy Kennedy, Lamar University

Alex Clark, University of Leicester

Sina Greenwood, University of Auckland

Ľubomír Snoha, Matej Bel University